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Metal Copper in China
Copper is labor intensive thus perfect for China. However, many Chinese foundries can't communicate with foreign clients effectively and needs close supervision on quality. We are a sourcing and engineering company with an established network of nearly a hundred quality casting foundries. As of 2008, we export around US$3million worth of casting parts and products annually.
Distinct Process:
Obtain detailed quotes from 3-6 Chinese factories Production with your chosen factory (we drive on-time delivery, resolve issues, and provide constant communication assistance) Quality Inspection Delivery to door
Distinct Benefits:

1.Lower Cost: Compared to U.S. factories, our costs are drastically ( 40%-60%) lower. Compared to other Chinese exporters,we offer the best service and quality ,and guarantee the best overall price.

2. Control Risk: We help you pre-qualify suppliers by visiting onsite. We monitor production constantly and inspect quality before shipment.

3.Good engineering communication is absolutely necessary in custom manufacutring. We are English-Speaking and have field reps in USA, UK and France.

4.Better access to good factories:A. Many well-established factories don't market to new foreign customers. Many don't have English websites. B.Because we have done business with these factories before, you can minimize the risks in trying new factories.

5.Convenience: We manage custom clearance and shipping.

Our Resources:
1.Twenty versatile sourcing experts and twelve engineers in China. We have mature quality assurance processes, a dedicated QC team and in-house bilingual engineering capabilities.

2.Network of reputable and trusted factories that we have worked with or visited throughout China ( Ningbo , Jiangsu ,Zhejiang , Guangdong...)
Our Differentiations:

1.Focus on continuous supply management
+On-demand/onsite quality inspection,process compliance.
+Manage defect feedback...
+Manage delivery shortage
We understand language / culture of Chinese suppliers,and serve as local liaison for issue
resolution. In order to meet a delivery schedule ,we can call the factory four times a day to
keep the heat on or send agents over to live in the factory.

2.Real people ,instead of B2B websites. We can get you reliable quotations quickly. Even
many American purchasing consultants use us for quotation because they don't have a
fulltime team in China like we do.

3.Full shipping and supply chain solution.

Business Scope:

Iron Casting in China (SG Iron, Ductile Iron)

Steel Casting in China (including stainless steel)

Non-ferrous Casting in China (Aluminum, Copper, Other Alloy)

(Sand Casting, Investment Casting,Permenent Mold, Die Casting in China )

Here's a list of Chinese casting products that we have exported.


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